Indian Yogurt Pudding

indian yogurt pudding sideThis dessert is delicious, filled with probiotics, and super easy! I learned about it from an Indian restauranteur in Okinawa, who showed me how to make it and offered instruction after my first botched attempt. It’s called shrikhand and is usually made with tons of plain white sugar, very typical of Indian sweets. Continue reading

Chai Popsicles

chai pops oceanWe are in the midst of a move from Okinawa to Iwakuni. The kitchen isn’t quite set up and we’re still waiting for the bulk of our household items to arrive. I’m looking forward to expanding my wardrobe outside of this suitcase.  Three pairs of pants…what was I thinking? I would also really like to sit at my desk to write. It’s the middle of summer, but I’m not complaining. I’ve got all the windows open and the ocean breeze is blowing. I’d like something to cool me down while I set up the house. Lucky for me, the rarely used, but always appreciated Popsicle molds ended up in our quick shipment. Sweet! Continue reading

Stewed Apricots with Vanilla and Cardamom

stewed apricot overheadLe sigh. Is it just me? Doesn’t this just SOUND luscious and yummy? I intended this to be a breakfast post, but I think it would also make a lovely dessert, perhaps with some coconut milk?

So, fruit for breakfast is a good ayurvedic start to the day. Ojas and all.  Continue reading

Cardamom Saffron Rice Dessert Soup

cardamom saffron rice soupI love this pretty, buttery-yellow dessert. I feel deeply content and nourished while eating this. Cardamom and saffron have stress reducing benefits, so that makes sense. It’s a simple, no frills, no fuss kinda dessert. Continue reading