Goya Salad

goya salad umeboshiI know, I know. Another goya post… I get it. But it’s just so dern good for the kaphas and pittas out there! Maybe you don’t like goya as much as our vata friends do, but give this a try. It’s surprisingly tasty. It’s really balancing to our typical American diets which are mainly made up of the sweet taste.

Typically, ayurveda encourages 80-90% cooked food. More raw foods in the summer time when digestive fire is strongest. So, while you probably shouldn’t be eating raw goya in the winter, it’s great to try some in the summer time. I’ve got 8 different preparations you can try out.

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So, goya is available here in Okinawa during the summer. Guess what it’s good for? Cooling. The bitter taste of this fruit is especially great for people with predominate pitta and kapha doshas. Goya is said to cool skin irritations, calm eye troubles, detoxify the liver, and strengthen vital energy. It’s also able to relieve thirst and sunstroke. Goya is also used to treat diabetes, as an aid in weight-loss and helps boost the immune system. This is another powerful “food as medicine” plant!

The recipe:

goya salad rice shiso myogaCut the goya in half and scrape out the seeds and white pith. Use a mandolin or knife to very thinly slice the goya. This will be used for all the preparations. I’ve also used myoga and shiso leaf in some preparations. You can slice these thinly if using. Mix up all the ingredients and enjoy as a small side dish with lunch or dinner. If you have time, you can leave these to marinate for 20 minutes before serving.

  1. Goya, shiso leaf, myoga, soy sauce, sesame oil, and sesame seeds
  2. Goya, rice vinegar, yuzu (or soy sauce), myoga, and shiso leaf
  3. Goya, balsamic vinegar, parmesan cheese, and black pepper
  4. Goya, shikuwasa, olive oil, salt, myoga, and shiso leaf
  5. Goya, rice vinegar, sesame oil, shiso leaf, and diced umeboshi
  6. Goya, myoga, miso, mirin (or rice vinegar), and wasabi paste
  7. Goya, coconut oil, coconut flakes, soy sauce (or fish sauce) and sriracha (or pepper flakes)
  8. Goya, rice vinegar, yuzu (or soy sauce), sesame seeds, sesame oil and avocado

goya salad shikuwasa evoo goya salad miso goya salad balsalmic cheese





My favorite was #8! Let me know which one you liked best, and if you have other ideas to share!

Vata- The cooling, bitter, and raw tastes will be too much for you. You should only eat small amounts of goya and enjoy it cooked with some oil. You can sauté the goya for most of these preparations.

Pitta- Eat up! This will be like internal air-conditioning for your body! I know this because I ate this for lunch, then went out and ran in mid-day heat without any irritation and plenty of energy. Super genki!

Kapha- Enjoy! You’ll be able to tolerate this raw since the summer’s heat will support your digestive fire. Try to include this as a side dish for several meals a week.  It will help with your desire for sweet tastes.

goya salad coconut

2 comments on “Goya Salad

  1. I did not know these things about the Goya! That is so interesting! Some people I work with drank some Goya juice this week and absolutely cringed; but some of my Japanese co-workers insisted that it is extremely healthy!

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