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*** I’m currently out of the office for maternity leave. I’ll be taking clients again in April. Thank you for your patience and understanding. ***

Services offered:

  • Initial Ayurvedic Consultation – A personal consultation to assess your current state of well-being. Together, we will design a plan based on your goals, health history, and unique needs. It may include dietary recommendations, spices, herbs, meditation, and/or Ayurvedic body therapies.
  • 75 minutes /  $100

  • Follow Up Consultation – A follow up consultation to review and assess changes after following Ayurvedic recommendations. This is also for new health issues that arise and for seasonal shifts after an initial consultation. Offered in person or over the phone.
    • 30 minutes /  $45               60 minutes / $75

  • Long Distance Consultations – Initial consultations and follow up consultations are conducted via Skype or FaceTime.

75 minutes /  $100              60 minutes / $75               30 minutes /  $45

  • Therapeutic Massage – A blend of deep tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, and Swedish massage therapy techniques tailored to your body. I draw upon 13+ years of experience with massage therapy to meet your individual needs.

60 minutes / $80               90 minutes / $115

  • Oncology Massage – Customized massage session to meet the unique and changing needs during cancer treatment and beyond. This session is designed to work safely within a framework of clinical considerations for therapeutic efficacy.

 60 minutes / $80

  • Ayurvedic Massage (Abhyanga) – This classic Indian massage therapy treatment involves the liberal use of warm oil applied to the body. I’ll use a massage oil suited for your constitutional type or the season. This is a fantastic treatment for nourishing the body and reducing chronic stress. This can also be done as part of a seasonal ayurvedic detox program.

75 minutes / $100

  • Marma Point Massage for Face, Scalp, and Feet – This luxurious treatment will have you looking radiant and feeling rejuvenated. Marma points are similar to acupuncture points in Chinese medicine. Stimulating these vital points allows the body to cleanse blocked energy resulting in a deep sense of calm. This can be added to a therapeutic massage session.

45 minutes / $60

  • Back and Neck Therapeutic Massage – Perfect for when you don’t have a lot of time and need focused attention on your back and neck.

45 minutes  / $60

  • Kati Basti Treatment – Ayurvedic therapy treatment for the low back, but can also be applied to the shoulders, neck, or knees. This is a gentle herbal-oil treatment specifically suited for chronic low-back pain, degenerative issues, and painful muscle spasms. This can be done on its own or added to a massage.

60 minutes / $100

  • Prenatal Massage – Side-lying massage to relieve tension in lower back and reduce swelling. 2nd and 3rd trimesters only.

60 minutes / $85

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Gift certificates and Package Deals:

Massage Package Deal: Purchase 5 massages at regular price and receive 20% off (Equal to purchasing 4 massages and receiving the 5th for free).

Gift certificates: Purchase in office or have it mailed to the recipient.

lotus flower

Upcoming Workshops: (San Diego, CA)

Please check back for upcoming ayurvedic and cooking workshops.

Recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer?

If you, or someone you know, has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and is interested in learning how Ayurveda can support them through their treatments, I’d love to hear from you. I’m happy to offer this complimentary service as a way to support fellow survivors. Please note: Ayurveda does not offer a cure, but can help with higher quality of life, general strength, and health.

1267 Rosecrans Street. Suite B. San Diego, CA 92106
(858) 780-6110

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