The bee’s knees for your face

honeyHoney. Put it on your face. Like right now.

I’ve been reading up on mead lately. It’s got me thinking about how awesome bees are and how I used to use honey on my face. Somehow, during the move to Okinawa, I forgot how great honey was as a cleanser and moisturizer. I’m bringing that back this week!

I used local unfiltered wildflower honey. It gave my face a very gentle scrub since it still had propolis and other hive particles in it. Honey has anti-bacterial properties as well as antioxidants. It smells nice. Oh, and my favorite part is that it’s FOOD, so it’s nourishing for your skin. It makes my skin feel dewy.

In the shower, or tub, pour some honey on meeeeee. You. I mean pour some honey on you. On your face. Right when you get in the shower. Rub it in nice upward circles. Let it sit for a few minutes while you wash your hair, shave your legs… sing. Whatever you do in there. Then just gently wash it off. Pat your face dry and you’re good to glow go.

For Ayurvedic weekly cleansing, you can use the following recipes with honey. Apply to face and let sit for 15 minutes.

For dry Vata type skin: mix honey with a splash of milk and rosewater

For red Pitta type skin: mix honey with sandalwood powder, chickpea flour and dried rose petals

For cool to oily kapha skin: mix honey with a bit of natural clay and a teensy bit of turmeric

pitta honey mask ingredientspitta honey mask

2 comments on “The bee’s knees for your face

  1. ohhhoney says:

    i used to use raw honey as a mask! it works wonders to calm down irritations!

  2. […] are gentle enough for daily use. Ashwaghanda is calming and helps to keep the skin from thinning. Honey is nourishing and moisturizing. This scrub has a lovely spicy floral scent, and is very […]

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